Midland Borough, PA

About Midland

This project is in partnership with the Borough of Midland, located approximately 40 miles northwest of Pittsburgh along the Ohio River in Beaver County, PA. The Borough’s water systems are old and dilapidated with numerous issues playing into one another. Midland Borough’s current stormwater water system has leaks that are allowing stormwater to enter the wastewater system. The wastewater treatment plant experiences an increase in volume of water on days when it rains due to the stormwater pervading into the wastewater system and because some of the sewers are combined.

Our Partnership

The team working on this project consists of the Community Engineering Corps (CECorps) Project Team, professional engineers from Burgess & Niple, and representatives from Pennsylvania RCAP Solutions Inc. We have also been in contact with the Pennsylvania State Lead for RCAP Solutions, whose team has been working with Midland Borough for several years to assist them during their time of financial difficulty by providing system management assistance and updated GIS maps of their stormwater and wastewater system as well as some manhole locations.

The goal of this project is to identify the most pressing issues facing the Borough’s water system in order to help them create a well informed plan for meeting EPA standards.

A colored map shows the three main sections of the Borough: industrial (orange), residential (yellow), and main street (purple)